Overcoming Addiction in Birmingham

Julie Paarmann - Tuesday, December 31, 2013

There are certain elements that are common in overcoming all addictions. Whether gambling, cocaine or alcohol addiction, people face the same fears and pressures and can benefit from similar therapies.

Overcome addictionAll addicts must first face the fact of their addiction. Once they have admitted to themselves that they have a problem then that is the first step to a cleaner life. Knowing and realising that an addiction has gone beyond a social norm and is now a destructive process is the start.

Next is the need for detoxification, cleaning your system and mind of the need for addictive behaviours. By making a break with the drug, the pub or betting shop you will start to distance yourself from your habit. Certain addictions take more detoxification than others, especially if you are hooked on strong narcotics but all need a period of cleansing your body, mind and spirit.

None of this can be done alone and you will need the assistance of close family and friends and ideally a support group. Associations such as the various anonymous groups provide valuable assistance. Sympathetic professionals who will understand and have practical solutions staff these organisations. You will also meet others in the same situation as you, with whom you can empathise and share problems and solutions.

Keeping busy, improving diet and taking exercise are all paths to becoming an addiction free individual. Hobbies and interests will take your mind off your addiction as will physical exercise while meeting like-minded people will build your confidence.

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