Nicotine Addiction Is Very Bad For You

Julie Paarmann - Friday, September 27, 2013

Stop SmokingAlthough nicotine is sold as a legal substance it is highly addictive and can be very toxic for your body and its functions. There are also dangers from the tobacco plant's inbuilt protection against insects who want to feast on its generous leaves. So good was the protection it gave itself that an insecticide was developed and its widespread use is now thought to kill honey bees and hence there is a shortage of bees today.

People all around the world smoke this toxic substance and probably do not realise that it is a super toxin and drop for drop it is more deadly than arsenic, strychnine and even the venom of the diamondback rattlesnake. After reading this do you want to carry on smoking?

If like a lot of people you want to quit smoking and fight your nicotine addiction then help is always at hand. For the majority of cases going “cold turkey” works for them but if you're having trouble giving up then visiting your local GP or pharmacist is an option for you. There are plenty of natural aids out there
and also some that can be prescribed by your GP. It won't be easy getting rid of your nicotine addiction but once you've made that decision you've climbed the biggest hurdle of all.

Give up smoking cigarettes!