Micro Studies Understand Addiction Better

Julie Paarmann - Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cocaine Rehab BirminghamUnderstanding the brain may help scientists treat cocaine addicts more effectively. Studies show the on a molecular level, affecting the way the brain functions. Regular cocaine use showed the production of extra proteins was linked to drug users addictive responses.

They believe that by interrupting the cycle of these proteins would lead to better and more effective ways of treating addicts. Tests carried out on rodents showed the same extra protein production in cells as on cocaine addicts and treatments. Scientists believe that by addressing addiction on a molecular level they can create new ways of dealing with the nature of cocaine addiction.

Cocaine use, it was found, altered the way in which the brain centres responsible for pleasure centres, dealing with enjoyment of food, sex and drugs is altered by prolonged drug use and understanding better how this process works means developing treatment that is better equipped to break the cycle of addiction.

It is possible that working on the brain at a microscopic level, as well as using complimentary therapies such as group sessions, hypnotherapy and exercise could lead to a positive results and successful cocaine treatment. The more scientists discover about the way the brain works the better able they are to treat disorders effecting its functioning.

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