Is It True That Cannabis Addiction Affects Teenagers IQ?

Julie Paarmann - Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quit Cannabis in BirminghamIn recent years there have been numerous studies carried out to see if cannabis addiction affects teenagers IQs. While some studies do not support this claim, most of the studies do state that there is definitely the potential for harm when cannabis is being taken at a young age.

One of the latest, long term studies monitored students from the age of 13 years right up to 38 years. Their study included over 1,000 people with 1 in 7 admitting that they were regular users of the drug. In the course of the study they found out that although there was a slight decline in IQ for non-cannabis users, however, for those who used the drug on a regular basis there was an 8 point drop in IQ.

There did seem to be levelling out in users who started later in life, which drew them to the possible conclusion that the teenage brain appears to be more vulnerable than that of an adult. One of the outstanding points made in this study is that the decline in IQ was even greater when the adults had used cannabis in their teenage years.

Studies are still ongoing to see how cannabis addiction affects teenagers IQ's, but the one thing for certain is that using cannabis at any age is not good for you and can cause plenty of problems, which includes a decline in IQ.

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