How to Stop Smoking Weed in Birmingham

Julie Paarmann - Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quit smoking cannabis BirminghamFirstly, how to stop smoking weed has to start with you deciding that you really want to quit. Your chances are less if you are not certain that you wish to stop or are doing it for someone else. You have to want to stop to succeed. Speak to Life Principles about quitting weed in Birmingham.

One good way on how to stop smoking weed is to list all the negative aspects you associate with your addiction. Then list all the positives that giving up cannabis will give you. These will serve as a daily reminder as to why you have given up, always remind yourself: "I do not smoke cannabis".

Set a date for giving up and prepare for it. During the lead up to the date regularly read your list and remember why you are giving up smoking cannabis. On the appointed day throw away all your cannabis and smoking paraphernalia, lighters, pipes, drugs, papers.

Keep busy, get fit, take up a hobby or interest, find something rewarding and new to occupy your mind when the craving for a joint takes hold. It will pass and the more things you have to fill your time the less chance you will have to think about smoking.

Save the money you would normally have spent on cannabis then occasionally treat yourself with a reward for your progress. Set achievable goals and buy yourself something to mark the occasion. Gradually you’ll build your confidence and feel less and less pressured.