How To Stop Smoking Weed

Julie Paarmann - Friday, September 13, 2013

Stop WeedIf you've finally reached the decision to quit, you'll want to know how to stop smoking weed. Each person is different when it comes to quitting the smoking habit, the longer you've been smoking and the more you have smoked will have a bearing on your withdrawal symptoms. Here are just a few simple guidelines that can help:

Throw away all your smoking paraphernalia and weed, do not to keep anything that will entice you back. Tell your loved ones and trustworthy friends that you are giving up and that you need their support. If you are the only one in a group of smokers giving up, tell them that you no longer want to smoke but you'll understand if they want to continue. You will have to be strong too and tell them “no” if they offer you any weed.

One of the biggest things to do is make preparations for your withdrawal symptoms, be aware that they are coming and the likely signs. The good news is that they don't last and after about 2-3 days you'll feel a little better and after 10 days you should be well on the road to recovery. You may experience anxiety, panic attacks and sleeplessness along with nausea and a lack of appetite but preparing for this should make it easier for you. Taking exercise on a regular basis and a
healthy diet will help with these symptoms and help you to learn how to stop smoking weed.

Getting Help to Stop Smoking Cannabis.