How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Julie Paarmann - Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stop Drinking AlcoholQuitting drinking is one of the hardest things that a person can do but once you've made up your mind to stop then you have climbed the highest hurdle on your road to recovery. So you've reached your decision and now you need to know how to stop drinking alcohol.

When you're thinking of quitting, pick a date that means something to you and decide that's the date I will give up drinking alcohol. Then change your mind set about drinking, don't put yourself in places where drink is readily available, avoid pubs and restaurants if you can but remember to always order a soft drink.

If you are a really heavy drinker then your first port of call should be your GP as coming off alcohol can be very dangerous if you drink heavily. Giving up alcohol completely is not going to be easy for a heavy drinker so your GP will offer advice and assistance, it may be that you have to cut down your drinking before you give it up completely.

Through your recovery you will most likely have a little devil on your shoulder trying to get you to have a drink, you must learn to ignore this and think of all the benefits for you and your loved ones when the demon drink no longer has a hold. Knowing how to stop drinking alcohol is the easy step, now you h
ave to put it into practice.

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