How To Quit Cannabis

Julie Paarmann - Thursday, July 25, 2013

Once you have decided to give up smoking weed then one of your biggest hurdles is out of the way, the next step on your road to recovery on how to quit cannabis is telling your loved ones and close friends what you are about to do. These people will be your support network and are there to help you through the hard times ahead. 

When you have thrown out all your smoking items such as papers, rollers and the weed remember to have things ready to keep you busy. Take up a new hobby to keep your mind active and away from thoughts of cannabis. Whatever you do sitting around the house thinking about your addiction will not help you at all.  

Another thing you need to remember to help detox your body is to eat as healthily as possible and drink plenty of water to help clean out the toxins. If you get the urge to smoke a joint then talk yourself out of it, the good thing is that these urges, in most cases, only last a few days and once you teach yourself to ignore them they will go away. 

Another good incentive to help you give up smoking weed is to set yourself goals and when you have reached the first one, buy yourself a treat with the money you have saved by not smoking. Knowing how to quit cannabis is the easy part, giving it up will be more difficult but you can do it. 
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