How To Plan On Stopping Smoking Cannabis

Julie Paarmann - Sunday, November 03, 2013

If you are wondering how to quit smoking cannabis there are ways in which you can make it easier on yourself by preparing first.Cannabis Withdrawal Help

  • Plan Ahead, it is hard to simply give up without preparation so plan up to six weeks in advance to give your mind time to accept the inevitable.
  • Remind yourself daily why you are giving up. List all the good and bad points about your habit and repeat them daily.
  • The night before your chosen day get rid of all smoking paraphernalia, drugs, papers, lighters, ashtrays and matches.
  • Avoid all your previous smoking haunts and places where temptation is likely to be offered or on display.
  • Detox your body, cleaning out all the toxins and chemicals by exercise and healthy eating will also help overcome the pangs of withdrawal.
  • Plan on starting a new hobby or interest. Having something new to occupy your time will help alleviate the anxiety and pondering .
  • Exercise, physical workouts are good for getting you back in shape, cleansing your system and taking your mind off smoking cannabis.
  • Research alternative therapies, herbal teas, hypnotherapy and massage are all good ways of helping you through the initial stages of withdrawal.
  • Group meetings and therapy sessions are a good way of coming to terms with your addiction, its problems and facing your fears and obstacles with reformed, fellow users.

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