How to Help with Cocaine Addiction in the Birmingham Area

Julie Paarmann - Friday, February 21, 2014

Stop Cocaine BirminghamHow can you offer support and help with cocaine addiction in Birmingham? The drug is a highly addictive substance and it doesn't take much for a user to become totally reliant on its consumption. As a concerned friend or relative there are many forms of positive support and help you can offer cocaine addicts without forcing them to seek treatment. Speak to Life Principles who are based in the Birmingham area to stop using crack.

Talk to your friend or family member, avoid words like addict or abuser as this will automatically put them on the defensive and you won't make any progress.

Once you have gained their trust offer them suggested centres locally where they can talk in private and confidentially with a professional councillor.

Suggest a drug free evening with yourself, watch a film or go for a walk. Remind them how they do not need drugs to enjoy themselves. More information on cocaine addiction.

Stop covering up for their actions at work and home, this will make them realise the consequences of their addiction. By not allowing them to take full responsibility for their cocaine use you will be merely prolonging their addiction.

Remain sober and drug free yourself. You can hardly offer advice if you are not seen as a sober responsible person yourself. Research cocaine addiction, that way you will have the answers, facts and can demonstrate your seriousness in helping them. Encourage your friend to visit a self-help group where addicts in a similar situation meet and talk over their problems and fears.