How to Give up Smoking Cannabis

Julie Paarmann - Friday, February 28, 2014

Stop Smoking Weed BirminghamOf all the narcotics in use socially today, cannabis is seen as the acceptable face of drug use. Its therapeutic results for certain conditions are well documented and in certain countries around the world it is legally available but smoking cannabis is still addictive and can wreck your life.

The first step in how to give up smoking weed is to acknowledge that it is bad for you and that you actually want to stop. The self-realisation of wanting to give up smoking cannabis is a major break through on the road to a weed free existence.

While you can get over the counter medicines to relieve the side effects of cannabis withdrawal such as insomnia, headaches and anxiety it is worth registering with or talking to local support groups or under going a course of hypnotherapy to help with getting over the early stages.

How to stop smoking cannabis successfully requires will power and commitment, this can be difficult at times on your own and group meetings with people who are experiencing similar problems and concerns provides much needed support. Family and friends can provide a lot of help and understanding but group sessions are valuable as members can personally identify with your worries and anxieties.