How to Give up Cannabis Successfully

Julie Paarmann - Monday, February 03, 2014

Stop smoking weed BirminghamWhile not a physically addictive substance, how to give up cannabis may require help in overcoming the psychological aspects of its addiction. There are short-term minor physical discomforts such as headaches, insomnia and sweating that can be controlled with across the counter medication and a good diet. The more psychological aspects of cannabis withdrawal may need more radical or personal assistance.

Rehab centres can administer herbal preparations to ease physical discomfort and also run hypnotherapy sessions or bioresonance, electromagnetic treatments that can assist in controlling cravings, pain management and help with a healthy recovery. More information on hypnotherapy for cannabis detox.

There are also a number of self-help techniques and procedures, which can be useful in how to give up cannabis and keeping you off weed. You can identify times when your desire for cannabis is strongest; this is normally in the company of other smokers, particular venues or certain times of the day. Request users respect your decision and not smoke in your company or avoid situations were friends are likely to be smoking cannabis.

Take up something physical, this will help with insomnia, get you fit and act as a distraction for the times when you crave a joint. Reward schemes are also a good enticement, save your cannabis money somewhere and at certain goals buy yourself a treat. For some people smoking cannabis is a way of relaxing, so look at things like yoga or meditation to give peace of mind and tranquillity.