Gambling Addiction – Does It Affect You?

Julie Paarmann - Saturday, September 14, 2013

Stop GamblingThe effects of a gambling addiction are not just felt by the person playing the slot machines, buying lotto cards or hitting the casinos, it's also felt by the addict's family and friends. More often than not it can be worse for the friends and loved ones as they have to pick up the pieces and clear up the financial chaos made by the gambling addict.

The person closest to the addict has to stay strong for both of them and wait for the day when their loved one finally says enough is enough and wants to give up gambling. Waiting for that person to admit they have a problem is going to be tough but they have to realise that they cannot make that decision for them.

Once their mind has been made up you can then give them all the support they need. You can help make sure that they change their way of life and ensure that they stay away from places where it is easy to gamble. Unfortunately, these days this is a lot harder as there are gambling sites on the internet, lotto cards in most shops and amusement arcades with slot machines popping up everywhere.

If you are affected by gambling addiction then there are plenty of places for you to seek help and guideance as to what to do. You must stay strong for both of you and remember to tell a close friend or family member what you are going through so that you will have someone to talk to about your trou

Stop internet gambling!