Five Ways to Quit Cannabis in Birmingham

Julie Paarmann - Monday, January 06, 2014

Stop Smoking Weed BirminghamOnce the relaxing, dreamlike state that weed gives you has taken over your life and you’ve realised you need to quit cannabis then here are five practical ways that can help.

Clear out all drug paraphernalia
Having a house full of lighters, stiff cardboard, cigarette papers and bags of weed is a sure way of enticing you back to smoking it. By making a clean break from taking cannabis and not having reminders around the house is a positive start.

Attend group sessions
Meeting up with members from Cannabis Anonymous is a great way of finding support from similarly minded individuals. These organizations have people present who understand your fears and worries and are able to offer valuable advice.

A professional hypnotherapist will be able to give you assistance in beating cravings and desires when you quit cannabis. Hypnotherapy will give you essential tools that will go a long way in overcoming the harmful effects long-term cannabis smoking can cause.

Keep occupied
The best way to overcome any addiction is once you’ve stopped using, to keep yourself busy. Whether with work, a new hobby or physical exercise, things that take your mind off the cravings will help you stay clean.

Treat yourself
Reward yourself for your continued clean living. Save the money you would have spent on weed and at certain milestones treat yourself to a little present. Reward is a strong motivator in giving up any addiction.

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