Coping with Cannabis Detox

Julie Paarmann - Saturday, February 08, 2014

Stop Smoking Weed BirminghamOne of the dreads of giving up smoking marijuana is the fear of going through the discomfort of cannabis detox. The dread of insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety and headaches are the ever present worry for those considering quitting cannabis.

It can take as long as a month for THC, the chemical component within cannabis, to clear your system. However, the uncomfortable side effects from stopping smoking may only last a couple of days to a week. Once your sleep patterns return to normal you may also experience vivid dreaming and sometimes a feeling of anger as the euphoric feeling from cannabis use subsides, these too mind you will also fade after a couple of months. Information on how to quit weed in Birmingham.

Ways to reduce the discomfort of cannabis detox include such practices as hypnotherapy, which is good for taking control of cannabis triggers and feelings of anxiety. Spa, relaxing baths and saunas can also help with the physical weariness of detox.

You should take a close look at your diet and cut down on caffeine and other strong stimulants, especially if you are having trouble sleeping. Fresh fruit and vegetables are good for easing other problems and melons, bananas and leaf vegetables are an excellent source of potassium, which is excessively depleted should you suffer with the sweats.

Exercise, a good diet and relaxant or pain medication from across the counter can also make the early stages of cannabis detox more bearable.