Cannabis Addiction Affects Teenagers IQ And It’s On The Increase

Julie Paarmann - Monday, August 26, 2013

Benefits of Quitting WeedRecent studies have shown that cannabis addiction affects teenagers IQs and more worryingly the use of the drug is on the increase amongst that generation. From the late 1990’s right up until 2012 the use of marijuana amongst teenagers was declining. It is thought that the increase in popularity is the misguided conception that the drug is not dangerous.

Another worrying fact is that it appears they are using the drug every day and not just as a weekend release. This is a concern for both parents and authorities alike as it is more likely that they will get addicted to the drug even quicker, which causes problems with their studies, social behaviour and money problems too.

There’s also a new drug on the block called synthetic marijuana, most teenagers know it as Spice or K2. These are seen as a "safe" replacement for marijuana but in reality are just as addictive and can cause problems for the user.

If you or anyone you know has become addicted to cannabis then seeking help should be your main priority. The theory that the drug is not addictive and won’t do any harm is an ill-judged one as cannabis addiction affects teenagers IQ’s as well as all the other problems associated with drug taking. There are plenty of places that will offer help and advice on how to deal with a cannabis addiction.

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