Are E-Cigarettes Beneficial to a Nicotine Addict?

Julie Paarmann - Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stop smoking E-cigs BirminghamIn recent months e-cigarettes have become more popular and have been advertised as a way to quit smoking. Although some recent studies have reported that taking in the nicotine vapour in an e-cigarette can be just as addictive as smoking a normal ciggie.

The study also showed that as the fake cigarette contained nicotine it was still a considerable threat to your health and that if a young person tried using them instead of smoking a real cigarette their body could still become addicted to nicotine and it may encourage them to take up smoking at a later date.

As with all addictions it is often very difficult to wean yourself away from the substance and it has been demonstrated that nicotine and other substances used with it make cigarettes, one of the most addictive substances that can be found.

For most people going cold turkey can be very difficult and you need a strong mind to be able to do this by yourself, often people will choose hypnosis as a way of helping them to quit. There are plenty of help centres around where advice and assistance will be given and perhaps most places now will be advising people to give up completely and not simply replace their nicotine intake with an e-cigarette.

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