Alcohol Detox in Birmingham

Julie Paarmann - Friday, March 21, 2014

Stop drinking BirminghamOnce a person has made the conscious decision to undergo alcohol detox there are a number of processes they can choose to use. Alcohol detox at home, rehab centre or using a medical drop in day centre. All forms of alcohol detox can be dangerous if not undertaken with medical supervision, especially for someone who has been suffering from long-term alcohol addiction.

With certain patients the use of drugs and therapies to assist the process of alcohol detox and alleviate any accompanying problems are needed. It is for this reason that the presence of a qualified medical assistant is advisable.

The withdrawal from alcohol dependency is also associated with such symptoms as shakes, tremors, sweats and nausea, vomiting and even delirium. Medical products, sedatives, pain relief and calming drugs such as Librium and Diazepam exist that can ease these problems but it is advisable to use them under supervision.

The actual process of alcohol detox can take anywhere between 7 and 10 days, at which point the body will be clear of the effects of drinking. However, this is the point at which the minds dependency then has to be amended. From here on in patients need support and education to rebuild their lives, face challenges without the rose tinted glasses of alcohol and to change dietary and social attitudes to live life free of alcohol.

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