Alcohol Detox At Home – Does It Work?

Julie Paarmann - Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quit Drinking BirminghamStudies show that for some cases alcohol detox at home can and does work. However, for those suffering from severe alcohol dependency they should seek medical help and guidance before they start their detox programme as it is likely they will need medication to aid them.

If you are not a severe alcoholic then detoxing at home can be the right option for you to take. You must remember to have a plan in place and discuss it with friends and loved ones so that they can be there for you and help in any way they can with their support.

There are plenty of safe and natural treatments available to help you with your alcohol detox at home and although one of the symptoms of withdrawal is insomnia there are over the counter remedies available to help overcome this. Studies have also shown that taking vitamins and minerals can help with alcohol withdrawal, Vitamins B and C, magnesium, selenium and zinc are all a good natural way to aid the detox programme.

As your body is dealing with detoxing you from alcohol then you should only eat light meals, but don't eat because you feel you have to, just let your body decide when you need food. When you are carrying out your alcohol detox at home remember to have someone with you through the early stages so that they can help you if the going gets too tough.

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