Alcohol Detox At Home

Julie Paarmann - Sunday, July 28, 2013

When you’ve become dependant on alcohol for any length of time giving it up can be very hard indeed. Your body has become used to a certain level of alcohol intake and when you give up the craving for a drink can take over your life. When you have admitted to yourself that you have a drink problem there are several treatment options available to you and one of them you can try is alcohol detox at home. 

Why choose to detox in your home? One of main reasons is that you sometimes feel safer in your own home environment and when change like this happens it’s more comforting to be somewhere familiar to you. You will also have the support of friends and family close by and if needs be your very own tailor made medical treatment. Do remember that if you have been dependant on alcohol for a long time and are a heavy drinker, you will have to seek medical advice. 

You will also have to prepare yourself for any withdrawal symptoms that will come with the detox programme. You may feel nauseous and lose your appetite, some people have also experienced problems sleeping, which can cause irritability. Two of the most common symptoms of withdrawal are sweating and your hands and legs shaking. 

You will have to be strong to make sure that your alcohol detox at home works for you and just remember that it will all be worth it when you have reached your goal.

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