Quit Gambling Fast

Julie Paarmann - Wednesday, June 19, 2013

For many people out there placing a simple bet on a horse at the bookies or buying a scratch card at the newsagents is not a problem but if you have an addiction to gambling it becomes a whole new ball game. The rush they feel when they even have the smallest of wins can be better than anything a non addict will have felt but the let down after a loss is also the worst feeling and they’ll want to quit gambling fast as a result.

If you’ve decided that you want to give up gambling then pick a date and stick to it, you’ll also want to find a healthy hobby to take your mind off of gambling. Try exercising as that will relieve the stress and produce a natural high in your body. Meet friends for a coffee and chat but remember that until you’ve cleared your mind of gambling you need to stay away from anywhere that is likely to have any form of betting.

It’s always good to know everything about your enemy so read and research as much as you can about gambling addiction and what it can do to you and your family. Every bit of research will tell you that you need to see a counsellor about your addiction and this is very true as counselling and group therapy will help you through this hard time as you quit gambling fast.