Cannabis Addiction - The Truth Behind Cannabis Addiction

No-one ever killed anyone when high on cannabis, it just relaxes me, the worst I do is get the munchies.€ We’ve all heard the excuses for legalising cannabis and its medical properties but cannabis addiction can be a serious problem.

Cannabis is the most often used illegal drug in the world and is either smoked as a hand rolled cigarette or joint or using a pipe. It is occasionally put into cake mixture and eaten. The drug gives users a relaxed, dreamlike high and distorts reality, it is a hallucinogen and cannabis addiction will lead to serious health problems.

The chemical responsible for this dreamlike state is THC and the percentage present in plants varies but overall it has been on the increase in recent years. Its ill effects vary from chest colds, sore throats to more degenerative lung diseases. There are also certain repercussions on users mental capacities too. Long term, regular users develop slow thought processes and poorer memories than the average person. Test show that cannabis addiction can also lead to paranoia and other brain damaging conditions. Mary J, blow, pot, ganja or grass, call it what you like but the long-term use of marijuana has been proven to lead to higher health risks, mental illness and difficulty interacting in everyday society.

Some people are fiercely apposed to any ‘brother’ quitting cannabis. They argue that only a weak willed person needs help to stop smoking weed. Other’s argue that it’s not as addictive as nicotine. Here is one such feedback on my YouTube video’s on quitting cannabis (others use very colourful vocabulary):

“I understand you’re trying to help people who abuse cannabis, which I completely support, but this video, whether purposely or not, promotes prohibition thus supporting putting thousands of good and innocent people at risk. Shame on you.”

The way I look at it is like this: If you repeat anything over and over again, over a long period of time, it becomes addictive. Okay, so it may be psychological but doesn’t that count for over 99% of the addiction? The physical part only accounts for about 1%, if that (a famous quote from Allen Carr). Yes, it is addictive, and psychologically even more addictive then cigarettes – anything that gives you a bigger high (like crack cocaine), become more addictive (look up chemical extinction on Google). We get people to quit as easy as pie with our multi-disciplined approach. There are a number of people who quit simply with our bioresonance machine, even without hypnosis. Some have quit just with the laser system, and of course many have quit with our highly advanced hypnotherapy system. Now imagine how easy it is to quit with a combination of all three? We use all of these methods, in a unique way to help you quit smoking cannabis. Now read on and decide for yourself/…

“I haven’t touched a fag or a joint since I came to see you”

Hi, sorry I missed your call the other day, hectic week. Just to let you know I’m doing great and already feel like a non smoker, I haven’t touched a fag or a joint since I came to see you (please don’t publish this on your website as I have colleagues who may wish to cone see you in the future and it could seriously damage my career in accounts). I even took your advice and I’m looking into doing some modelling part-time. Thanks for your help I am happy to publish it under a different name, that would be fine. I also started Karate lessons which has helped my confidence. helped relieve stress and also started to help me understand self-discipline, I think this might help other people after their treatment as well if you would like to add that. <a girl>.

“The big difference is, this time he’s finding it a lot easier (to quit smoking weed)!”

Hi Shokat. Hope you are well. My Son, Jason, had a treatment just over a week ago for stopping smoking cigs/cannabis. Just to let you know that fingers crossed, so far he's finding things quite ok without smoking. The big difference is, this time he's finding it a lot easier! He's been out with friends a couple of times but has had no cigs since treatment and has had no weed at all for over 2 weeks! Irene.

Testimonials - What People Say About Us

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  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Mark (from Porthadog - Wales) Testimonial

    "Normally, if I don't smoking weed, then I will sweat so much that my whole body would become totally and obsoletely drenched in sweat as if I just got out of a shower - Last night I did not suffer any of that. I also get a real heat that goes with the sweat - that did not happen either. I had a tiny thought/impulse after coming out of a restaurant last night saying 'smoke' for a split second which dissolved in an instant. 

    Quitting with you has been an incredibly pleasant experience, so much so that I want to do what you do - will you teach me?

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

    Most people who want to quit don’t do so because of FEAR, fear that it’s going to be too painful or too difficult. No, it’s not painful or difficult emotionally or physically – this is the impression people get from the ‘crap’ methods used by the NHS and the pharmaceutical interventions. Anything that does not also deal with the mind is a futile exercise, and that’s why most rehabs are a complete waste of time – yes, some do use third rate hypnotherapists, but they might as well not bother as most people do not respond to them. Then of course there are some really flashy looking bioresonance only clinics, who promise the earth but deliver so little – again the problem is that they only work at the physical level, but cannabis addiction is purely psychological, so people end up pulling their hair out when they struggle mentally to cope without their emotional crutch. Now, this is what happens after our treatment. This testimonial is after just one session – client came in the morning (14/12/2012) for the second session and this is what he said:
  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Ryan Testimonial

    “Shokat, you are a genius! I went out into the belly of the beast – a weekend in Manchester and didn’t feel even a bit of craving and stayed clean. Had great nights too. Please slot me in for the feelings anytime you’re free to wrap things up please. Will do the depression work after."

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

    This is again an irrational fear. If you think about it, why would you miss anything if your unconscious mind does not want you to have it? After successful therapy you will not miss anything, not a sausage!
  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    James C Testimonial

    "Hello Shokat James here,

    I was seeing you for stoping smoking cannabis, sorry I have not been in touch. I am smoke free and things couldn’t be better for me tho I have not found that special someone I know that my energy will flow more in rhythm once find her. My lungs are as happy as can be lol since I have not smoked I have more memories of things from long ago that i had forgotten and glad to have them back, 

    Thank you Shokat"

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Alison B Testimonial

    "Good morning Shokat,

    It’s Alison here, I came for cannabis addiction on 9th February. Apologies I should have contacted you last week as it would have been 14 days after treatment. Do you have any availability over this weekend for me to call you please? 

    Oh you will be pleased to hear that I am doing great, the treatment definitely worked! 

    Best wishes"

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    James mum Testimonial

    "I don't know if you remember me. But I'm James mum. I just won't to say thank you. As you gave me back my son. He has not smoked or taken any drugs since you last seen him. There is no way I can thank you enough but may the great creator bless and keep you and yours safe and may he bless you a 1000 folds xxx"

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Julie Testimonial

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

    Oh yes. Mine is julie, I have told so many people of the work you do and what you have done for my son. I even took James to the Jeremy Kyle show That did not work ,,, I can't thank you enough xxx Don't you think that the government and the NHS should support people like us rather than do everything in their power to put us out of business? Shokat It's all money they would lose out. I wish I should have come to you instead of the NHS as they made a big boobo and killed my hubby. I'm just taking them to court. If only he would be alive, if we new about you ,,, god bless you xxx
  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Darran Testimonial

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

    Its a year since I came to see you for Alcohol hypnotherapy and Bioresonance. I was drinking 4-5 pints at least 6 nights a week and felt deprived without it. My life is now completely different. I don't even think about alcohol and my business is booming and my everyday life is far more enjoyable. I did have some old cravings pop into my head when spring came and I could smell all the barbecues lighting up but you were there for me and booked me back in for a booster. I would also like to let everyone know that I had previously been on the Alan Carr EasyWay to Stop Drinking course and have bought countless "off the shelf" hypnotherapy CD's to try and quit drinking but non worked. You saved my life. Thanks a million. Darran.
  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Heather Testimonial

    I (Heather) first came to see Shokat a year ago now to give up smoking (cigarettes) and at that time I was smoking 20 cigarettes a day and I had been smoking 20 cigarettes a day for about 30 years. I only ever managed to give up (smoking cigarettes) for a short time on my own and I had - during that time - eaten morning, noon and night,so I was quite scared of given up smoking because of the idea that 

    I would put on so much weight. So I really asked Shokat to take care of that and I came here full of hope to give up smoking (cigarettes) with my friend (Zandra) who was basically wanting to lose weight and - from the day I left here - I had the urge to have a cigarette, but it was empty ... and it was very easy to say no ... and - after three days - that disappeared ... and - after a week - I didn?t have a cough and I never had a cough since.

    I feel much better. I did put on a few pounds for a little while and I lost them again and my life is just immeasurably better as a result and I’m very grateful for it thank you.

    After I came, I (felt) kind of inspired because I was a fairly entrenched smoker and they (my family) did not think I would give up…I inspired the next member of my family and the next member of my family until now, I think (silently counting)…six members of my family and friends have given up (smoking cigarettes and cannabis) here and I actually I bought the last of my friend (Nicola) here today – that smokes (cigarettes) – and I think I will be completely surrounded by non-smokers after today."

    Shokat: Good. Alright, how did your friend (Zandra) – who came with you a year ago – how did she do with the weightloss?

    "Oh, she lost over three stone and she is like a different person, it’s bought out a real confidence in her. "

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

    Another member of the family (not shown here) also quit smoking cigarettes. Also, two members of this group quit smoking cannabis but due to the social stigma attached with this habit, we are not going to mention their names. Not a single person has put on weight or became depressed; the same cannot be said for the one person who chose to go to a London bioresonance only clinic, she has put on about three stone in weight over the past few years. There are absolutely no side effects associated with our therapy.
  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Alastair Testimonial

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

    My name is Alastair. I first came to see Shokat about 8-months ago for and has some bioresonance treatment. I have to say it was incredible, I walked away and felt as if I have never smoked in my life - and it was wonderful. I didn't have any problems stopping, I was socialising - no problems with the nicotine cravings at all. I work as a sound engineer and it gets quite stressful - smoking was part of my job for many years, surprisingly that was an easy thing to put aside. I am now back for my top-up to finish the programme, highly recommended.
  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Cam Testimonial

    "I came to quit smoking cannabis with Shokat and it was easy"

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

    Cam Quit Smoking Cannabis in one session with our help and has stayed stopped for over three years. She later agreed to appear on our TV programme talking about how easy it was to quit smoking cigarettes and give up cocaine with our help.
  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Jean Testimonial

    "My name I Jean and I am a community worker. I have been smoking since I was 16 years old. I wanted to quit because of a condition that my twin sister has. I wanted to donate a major organ to her but I have to stop smoking because I am 40 now, and I am not going to real or recover as quickly if i have toxins in my body. 

    I really want to stop and I came to Shokat and was hypnotised and I just found it so easy to stop really - I stopped instantly, the cravings went as I walked out of the door, and I felt elated - its that simple, I just stopped"

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

    Jean quit smoking with our help sharing her story of how she quit smoking with the NHS and put on tons of weight. With us she hardly put on any weight and found it a doddle to quit smoking cigarettes and cannabis.
  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Steve Morris Testimonial

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

    Steve Morris travelled all the way from London with his friend Peter Morris after seeing us on RajTv. They both quit smoking cannabis in one session. My name is Stephen, I managed to pack-up smoking cigarettes and cannabis with Ali, It was great, I got lots of energy and it was very easy.
  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Peter B Testimonial

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

    Peter Morris travelled all the way from London with his friend Steve Morris after seeing us on RajTv. My name is Peter. I quit smoking cannabis with Ali. I found it very easy and I haven't looked back since.
    Peter B
  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Patrick Testimonial

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

    My name is Patrick, 24 years old, I life in Kingstanding. I smoked cannabis for 8-years. I came here two years ago, gave up smoking for 14-months. I found it quite hard at first but it's been good after that. The best thing I have ever done to give up smoking (weed). I never smoked fags, I smoked cannabis (drugs) - looking forward to life now. Patrick, Birmingham.
  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Desmond (from Birmingham) Testimonial

    "My name is Desmond and I was a compulsive smoker for 25 years. I looked up on the internet for the first time and decided to come (here). I rang up on the Friday, was seen on the Tuesday. I was a non-smoker the day I left, and have been a non-smoker ever since.

     Since I was such an entrenched smoker, my friends did not think I could do it straight away. 

    But once I left here I found the compulsion to smoke had gone completely. 

    Before I came here I was smoking cigarettes every ten minutes. I was smoking about 15-20 a day, and I was also smoking weed. I don’t have carvings for any of it (cigarettes or spliffs) any more. I have never tried any other method of quitting smoking, not even cold-turkey. Because I have seen my friends on the patches and when they wanted a cigarette they just took the patch off (and smoked) and I didn’t want that. I did not want something where I would revert back to smoking straight away. I wanted something that was tried and tested. I looked up on the internet and it said that there was a guarantee that I would quit smoking and that really did it. 

    The way I look at it is that if you are going to spend your money, then you may as well spend it wisely, and get the job done right the first time rather than just ‘faff’ around. Was it worth it?…the best ever!…the best three hundred pounds I have spent in my life"

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Sandeep Testimonial

    Before coming to see you I had tried to quit smoking using patches, gum, Zyban and finally Champix and nothing worked. My dad thought the fee was excessive so he took me to a local hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner. I started smoking as soon as I left his practice. My teacher then bought me here and I quit smoking in the very first session. Now I tell everyone I meet about you. Sandeep, Garavesend, Kent, 01/05/2009. (Quit Smoking with hypnosis/hypnotherapy/Bioresonance/Laser)

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Peter (from St.Neots - Cambridgeshire) Testimonial

    "Dear Shokat, 

    I hope this finds you well. I came to see you back in April in a state of turmoil and desperation. The two sessions that I had with you did something to me way beyond my expectations and understanding. Your warmth, compassion and ‘Powers’ put me in a place that I hadn’t been to in a long time. I realised that you were my best chance to be the father and husband I wanted to be and you handed me the best chance yet of achieving control of my demon. 

    Yours truly"

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

    Quit smoking cigarettes and cannabis on 9/4/2010
  • These clients came to Life Principles to help solve their addiction problems:

    Martin Testimonial

    Comment: Shokat Ali - Life Principles

    CALL_DETAILS: Please be advised the caller stated that she had treatment (for smoking) with you last Thursday and was asked to call you. She advised that everything is fine and that her father Martin will be calling at some point today. 15/10/2009. Sara quit smoking 20 cigarettes a day two weeks ago and herpartner Kevin quit smoking cannabis with us over a year ago. They are both doing well and now Sara’s dad wants to quit smoking with our help.

Now, moving on to our safe holistic methods:

Overcoming any addiction with our system is much easier because it affords true freedom at all levels: Bioresonance + Laser + Solid Hypnotherapy + Luggage of Life Programme = TRUE MENTAL, PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL FREEDOM! Because this system also deals with the HABIT you don’t put on weight or become depressed after you overcome your addiction.

By the way, we deal with every other addiction apart from heroin in exactly the same way. So whatever the problem, overweight, cigarettes, spiffs, cocaine, crack, alcohol or gambling then your search is over.

“The problem with cannabis smokers.”

"The problem with cannabis smokers is that have money to burn damaging their health, but do not have two pennies to rub together to finance a quit smoking programme. So rather than doing the right thing, and going to an expert, pay a decent amount of money, get their life back, and start to save lots of money as a non-smoker they try and find free methods. Most cannabis smokers are under the illusion that some charities such as MA must be very good, then feel disappointed when they have wasted their time going to pointless meetings listening to other peoples problems, which in-itself is enough to do anyone's head-in. The next point of call is the Government Quangos and the NHS - they have endless pockets so they must be good - wrong, these are the most useless of all options, most don't have a clue. The next option is to be locked up in a residential rehab costing thousands and feel gutted as they start smoking cannabis within weeks of coming out. The last resort after all of these 'daft' methods is to go to a sub-standard hypnotherapist charging them a small fee per session, most will fail dramatically and will rubbish hypnotherapy forever. The odd one will see through all the hype and the bull, go to a really good hypnotherapist (even better if they have a good laser and bio machine), pay for a one year programme, and start to save wads of money. Money is not really an excuse as you can get someone else to pay for the therapy using their credit card allowing you to come over, stay overnight, and go home the next day with zero desire for cannabis - yes, it's as simple as that. Once you have quit smoking cannabis with our help, you can pay back your sponsor within three months. Distance is also no excuse for a life changing programme, people travel half the way around the word for our help. You can make life more complicated then it really is, or you can act now, make that call, and get your life back with our help." (Shokat with his wife Nazish).

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